I need to find if the input folder location exists or not in hadoop .

I am using the following command to do the same

 hadoop fs -test -d <folder Location> 

The query does not throw any error but also no output . I have checked it for both correct and incorrect location . What I understood from the documentation that it suppose to output 1 in case of correct location .


hdfs dfs -test -d <folder location> doesn't output anything, like 0 or 1. It's about exit status, 0 stands for a normal situation when the directory exists. 1 means a missing directory.

Here's an example you can use it in bash:

hdfs dfs -test -d /tmp && echo 'dir exists' || echo 'sorry, no such dir'

thanks @Mikhail Golubtsov . Using the above hint my final modified shell script is

if hadoop fs -test -d  $1 ;
then echo "yeah it's there "
echo  "No its not there." 


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