I have just started exploring Azure, and my main purpose is to host the O365 SharePoint Provider Hosted App. Which means I need to create web sites.

I am looking at the pricing of Azure WebApp at How Azure pricing works, and they are Free, Shared, Basic, Standard, Premium.

There are few things which I have not understood completely.

  • Basic, Standard, and Premium plans provide Virtual Machines dedicated to your plan: Does this mean that I will get a VM which accessible and on that my website will be hosted?
  • The Shared and Free are have cores 240 cpu minutes/per day and 60 cpu minutes/per day resectively: What does this exactly means?
  • Azure is already on secure port i.e. https:// : So do I need to have an SSL for my Provider Hosted website

App Service VMs are not accessible in the sense of RDP/SSH. It just means it's not shared with other tenants.

MS has not published exactly how CPU Minutes are calculated (that I am aware of), but obviously it correlates to how heavily your app is used. [1]

The Azure Portal is already on https. For web apps, MS provides a wildcard SSL cert for the *.azurewebsites.net domain. If you use a custom domain then you are responsible for obtaining the SSL cert. [2]

[1] https://stackoverflow.com/a/15758256/310446
[2] https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/app-service/app-service-web-tutorial-custom-ssl#bkmk_azurewebsites

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