I am using mongoose to perform CRUD operation on MongoDB. This is how my schema looks.

var EmployeeSchema = new Schema({
      name: String,
      description: {
        type: String,
        default: 'No description'
      departments: []


Each employee can belong to multiple department. Departments array will look like [1,2,3]. In this case departments.length = 3. If the employee does not belong to any department, the departments.length will be equal to 0.

I need to find all employee where EmployeeSchema.departments.length > 0 & if query return more than 10 records, I need to get only employees having maximum no of departments.

Is it possible to use Mongoose.find() to get the desired result?


Presuming your model is called Employee:

Employee.find({ "departments.0": { "$exists": true } },function(err,docs) {


As $exists asks for the 0 index of an array which means it has something in it.

The same applies to a maximum number:

Employee.find({ "departments.9": { "$exists": true } },function(err,docs) {


So that needs to have at least 10 entries in the array to match.

Really though you should record the length of the array and update with $inc every time something is added. Then you can do:

Employee.find({ "departmentsLength": { "$gt": 0 } },function(err,docs) {


On the "departmentsLength" property you store. That property can be indexed, which makes it much more efficient.

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    Strange, but first example doesn't works for me. May be this is old solution that not works with new versions or something? – Pumych Mar 5 '16 at 12:41

By some reason, selected answer doesn't work as for now. There is the $size operator.


collection.find({ field: { $size: 1 } });

Will look for arrays with length 1.

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    Note that this finds only documents where field has exactly one element. – Narretz Feb 21 '19 at 14:00
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    The question says "greater than 0", it doesn't mean the size must be exactly 1. – Quan Mar 13 '19 at 19:17

If anyone is looking for array length is greater than a value, you can do like below,

db.collection.find({ field : { $size: { $gt : 0 } }})

The above query will check if the field has at least one value in it


use can using $where like this:

await EmployeeSchema.find( {$where:'this.departments.length>0'} )

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