I am running protractor tests on a remote Selenium Server which works fine.

Next step is creating a build job on Bamboo for starting the tests on that remote server. The problem here is that only the last test is shown in the results

if these are my test files only the results of myThirdTestSpec.js are saved:

  • myFirstTestSpec.js
  • mySecondTestSpec.js
  • myThirdTestSpec.js

Using the mocha-bamboo-reporter I noticed that the results file (mocha.json) is being removed each time a Spec file is called. This explains why only the last one is visible in the results.

However when I run the tests on a local browser all test result are being saved correctly.

My guess is that with the remote selenium server a new Mocha runner is started each time a Spec file starts to execute. So what happens is that the bamboo reporter cleans up old data before each runner. Am I right? Any ideas on solving this issue?

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