I need to copy an array to a linked list OR transform the array in a linked list.

How this can be done in .NET (C# or VB)?



Depending on what version we're taking about here, you can :

LinkedList<YourObjectType> ListOfObjects=new LinkedList<YourObjectType>(YourObjectArray);
  • Pretty simple. Thanks! – RHaguiuda Jul 2 '10 at 17:55

To go to LinkedList from array:

var array = GetMyArray();
LinkedList<MyType> list = new LinkedList<MyType>(array);

To go to array from LinkedList:

var array = list.ToArray();
  • +1 for showing how to go the other way – reggaeguitar Feb 10 '14 at 21:48

In .Net v2.0 or above:

Object[] myArray = new Object[] { 1, "Hello", 2, 3.0 };
LinkedList<Object> linkedList = new LinkedList<Object>(myArray);

You can replace Object with the type of element that the array actually holds.

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