In IE11 document.getElementsByName is not working as expected.

var colRadioButtonSelected = document.getElementsByName("radioButtonSelected_" + containerCurrencyCode);

var colLabelNetDollarsDue = document.getElementsByName("labelNetDollarsDue_" + containerCurrencyCode);

var colLabelUSDAmount = document.getElementsByName("labelUSDAmount_" + containerCurrencyCode); 
            for(var x=0; x < colRadioButtonSelected.length; x++)
                colRadioButtonSelected[x].disabled = readOnly ? "disabled" : ""; 
                var textNetDollarsDue = colLabelNetDollarsDue[x].innerText;

Have debugged the code and seen document.getElementsByName section is returning different type of value in IE versions.

enter image description here

Have tried a Wrapper like below but didn't worked for me . Any Help?

function getElementsByNameWrapper(name) {
  a = new Array();

  for (var i = 0; i < document.getElementsByName(name).length; ++i) {

  return a;

Have changed to

var textNetDollarsDue = colLabelNetDollarsDue[x].textContent ||

Error looks like

enter image description here

HTML markup is something like below ..

<asp:Repeater ID="ReportRepeater" runat="server" OnItemDataBound="ReportRepeater_ItemDataBound">
                                                <tr class="<%# OddEven("odd", "even") %>">
                                                    <td align="center"><input type="radio" id="radioButtonSelected_<%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).BaseCurrency %>" name="radioButtonSelected_<%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).BaseCurrency %>" disabled="disabled" style="visibility: <%# (string.IsNullOrEmpty(((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).SecurityNumber) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).CusipNumber)) ? "hidden" : "" %>;" value="<%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).IncomeReportId %>" /></td>
                                                    <td align="center"><%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).IncomeStatus %></td>
                                                    <td align="left"><%# String.Format("{0:d}", ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).AllocationDate) %></td>
                                                    <td align="center"><%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).SedolNumber %></td>
                                                    <td align="center"><%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).IsinNumber %></td>
                                                    <td align="center"><%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).ReportEvent %></td>
                                                    <td align="center"><%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).ReferenceNumber %></td>
                                                    <td align="left"><%# String.Format("{0:d}", ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).RecDate) %></td>
                                                    <td align="left"><label id="labelPayDate_<%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).BaseCurrency %>"><%# String.Format("{0:d}", ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).PayDate) %></label></td>
                                                    <td align="right"><%# String.Format("{0:#,##}",((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).Quantity) %></td>
                                                    <td align="right"><%#  ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).BaseRate %></td>
                                                    <td align="right"><label id="labelNetDollarsDue_<%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).BaseCurrency %>"><%# Formatting.FormatCurrency(((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).NetDollarsDue).Replace("$","")%></label></td>
                                                    <td align="center"><label id="labelUSDAmount_<%# ((ReportEntity)Container.DataItem).BaseCurrency %>"></label></td>
                                                    <td align="center">&nbsp;</td>
                                                    <td style="width:120px" align="center"><a id="Details" runat="server" >Show Details</a></td>                                    
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    Do you have names or ids in the elements? – Teemu Jul 28 '15 at 15:00
  • I don't know why you're getting different results, but declare "a" with var and call .getElementsByName() just once, saving the result. – Pointy Jul 28 '15 at 15:01
  • @Teemu- I have Id,ClassName,Name,TagName,TagNameNS for this element – Rahul Chowdhury Jul 28 '15 at 15:14
  • What are those elements? name is deprecated except in window objects and form elements. I noticed just few days ago, that divs with names are not collected by gEBN() in IE11 anymore. – Teemu Jul 28 '15 at 15:19

Your problem has nothing to do with .getElementsByName(). The issue is that IE11 supports the standard .textContent instead of the old (non-standard) .innerText.

You can account for either version like this:

 var textNetDollarsDue = colLabelNetDollarsDue[x].textContent ||

edit — the above is sort-of true (though IE11 may still understand .innerText) but with your markup posted it's now clear that the problem is that you're using the ByName() API but you're really interested in "id" values. You can use a class name instead of an "id" for those labels; the markup is invalid with all those duplicated "id" values anyway.

  • It's not working as colLabelNetDollarsDue has a length of Zero in IE11..Not sure why it's happening..Have editrd my question with that error – Rahul Chowdhury Jul 28 '15 at 15:11
  • I'm pretty sure IE11 supports both. – Teemu Jul 28 '15 at 15:11
  • @RahulChowdhury well what does your HTML markup look like? – Pointy Jul 28 '15 at 15:30
  • Edited question with HTML markup – Rahul Chowdhury Jul 28 '15 at 15:48
  • @RahulChowdhury you're using getElementsByName() to fetch elements by their "id" values. That's what's different between IE8 and IE11. – Pointy Jul 28 '15 at 16:20

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