I have 2 Mongodb databases connected to a Spring Boot app with 2 MongoTemplate-s:

mongoTemplate (the default bean name, connects to default db)

mongoAppTemplate (connects to another database on run-time)

I have a lot of MongoRepository-s that use mongoTemplate but I also want to create some that would use mongoAppTemplate.

How can I configure 2 MongoRepository-s to use different MongoTemplate -s with Java configuration ?

I found a way to do it with XML (link below), but I really want to keep it all annotation based

Spring-data-mongodb connect to multiple databases in one Mongo instance

  • By "keep it all annotation based", are you just talking about Java-config for the connections? Or is the issue about how to use the different connections in the same or different classes? – woemler Jul 28 '15 at 19:35

The base idea is to separate the package hierarchy that contains your repositories into two different paths:

  • com.whatever.repositories.main package for the main db repository interfaces
  • com.whatever.repositories.secondary package for the other db repository interfaces

Your XML configuration should be something such as:

<mongo:repositories base-package="com.whatever.repositories.main" mongo-template-ref="mongoTemplate"/>
<mongo:repositories base-package="com.whatever.repositories.secondary" mongo-template-ref="mongoAppTemplate"/>


@EnableMongoRepositories annotation is not @Repeatable, but you can have two @Configuration classes, each annotated with @EnableMongoRepositories in order to achieve the same using annotations:

@EnableMongoRepositories(basePackages = "com.whatever.repositories.main", mongoTemplateRef = "mongoTemplate")
public class MainMongoConfig {

@EnableMongoRepositories(basePackages = "com.whatever.repositories.secondary", mongoTemplateRef = "mongoAppTemplate")
public class SecondaryMongoConfig {

And a third @Configuration annotated class which @Import the other two.

  • Can the same result be achieved through annotations? – Miciurash Jul 28 '15 at 18:51
  • @orid Wondering if this approach is taken, adding a third @Configuration annotated class is redundant? Otherwise skipping the @Configuration annotation in the first two classes and then consolidating into a third class – Camilo Crespo Dec 16 '15 at 6:47
  • How to dynamically configure it? I mean, I have a list of templates, and want to use one of them based on certain conditions. – s1moner3d Jan 26 '16 at 14:59
  • Then at last, how to inject a MongoRepository instance to my service? would you please compete the whole sample? Thank you! – Jaskey Aug 4 '17 at 8:20
  • Hi @OriDar, Is there any way to switch between the two mongo database in the same instance via repository pattern? – devanathan Dec 17 '17 at 7:35

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