I am trying to create a spin button that increases/decreases the quantity amount in a textbox. I was able to successfully created this but I also want to be able to type in the quantity amount I want on in the text box. Can anyone help me on this? Thank you.

Here is what I did following instructions from a site:

Spin button: sbtnQty

Textbox: txtQty

Private Sub SbtnQty_Change()
End Sub

Finally, I went to txtQty's property and set the control source to: =[sbtnQty]


Set the source to the table field SpnQnty and then change the value of the box with the buttons like this:

Sub ArrowUp_Click
    txtQty.Value = txtQty.Value + 1
End Sub
  • Thank you so much! – Ron T Jul 28 '15 at 22:26

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