I have the following directory structure:

│   └───lua // this is git submodule, I can't modify anything here
│       ├───doc
│       └───src
    └───lua // CMakeLists.txt for ../../3rd/lua is here

I'm pulling external library to my repo let's say lua. There's no cmake support in the distrubution. And I can't build it on windows with nmake. Then I want to create a CMakeLists.txt somewhere in my repo for lua.

Let's say I place CMakeLists.txt for lua in ./cmake/lua/CMakeLists.txt. Relative to this location I have to specify sources prefixed with ../../3rd/lua/src/ which is not nice

add_library(liblua ${SOURCES}).

Putting ../../3rd/lua/src/ into a variable and prefixing each of the source files with it is not nice too. So I want to change base search path for source files with ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../3rd/lua/src. And I also want to affect base path for include_directories. I thought changing PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR to this will do, but it has no effect at all.

I used a script found here CMAKE: Print out all accessible variables in a script to list all variables and all of them referring to CMakeLists.txt location I changed to ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../3rd/lua/src:

set(CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR C:/dev/lua-external-cmake/3rd/lua/src)
set(CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR C:/dev/lua-external-cmake/3rd/lua/src)
set(CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY C:/dev/lua-external-cmake/3rd/lua/src)
set(CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR C:/dev/lua-external-cmake/3rd/lua/src)
set(PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR C:/dev/lua-external-cmake/3rd/lua/src)
set(Project_SOURCE_DIR C:/dev/lua-external-cmake/3rd/lua/src)

It seems there is no such variable, since this change had no effect. I'm aware that changing some of those is utterly wrong. I did it just to find out if there will be any effect.

So, how do I change source search location and base path for include files in cmake?


There is no source search path in CMake. But you can easily "rebase" sources using common cmake commands:

foreach(source ${SOURCES})
    list(APPEND SOURCES_ABS ${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../3rd/lua/src/${source})
add_library(liblua ${SOURCES_ABS}).

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