I want to reload viewForHeaderInSection in case of custom cell in viewForHeaderInSection to reload particular viewForHeaderInSection IOS.

I have used following code

[self.tableView reloadSections:[NSIndexSet indexSetWithIndex:section] withRowAnimation: UITableViewRowAnimationAutomatic];

But whole section will reload

I have try the following too By creating custom view

SearchHeaderView is custom view

  - (UIView *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView viewForHeaderInSection:(NSInteger)section{

            lblPrice_Header.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d",cartSum] ;
            return SearchHeaderView;


 -(void)cartSum :(id)sender{
     cartSum =cartSum+[[subArray objectAtIndex:j]  intValue]*price;

        UIView *headerVw = [self.tableView headerViewForSection:section];
        [headerVw setNeedsDisplay];
        [headerVw setNeedsLayout];


But It wont reload the section.

I have got my section header as below

enter image description here

I have checked the following links

Reloading tableView header in ios7

Changing UITableView's section header/footer title without reloading the whole table view


You can try something like this:

UIView *headerVw = [YOURTABLEVIEW headerViewForSection:section];
[headerVw setNeedsDisplay];
[headerVw setNeedsLayout];


  • To deal with specific view you can define tags As well

Hope it will work for you.

  • check my edited question dude – Nischal Hada Jul 29 '15 at 6:38

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