I have the following method in my Dao layer

public void setApples(List<Apple> apples)

I want to intercept the apples collection every time the method is executed and push instances of Apple to a sink.

I am trying to do the same using Aspects now which annotation do I use to capture the concerned objects and what should be the pointcut expression? I was trying @AfterReturning but this is a void method how do I capture the arguments of this? I am a beginner in AOP so please excuse if this question is too trivial.


The solution: Get method arguments using spring aop?

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you have two options, either create a spring aop proxy (1) bean or use aspectj (2).

  1. would be used in runtime and it would create a proxy "wrapper" that would intercept the calls to method. take a look at ProxyFactoryBean/BeanNameAutoProxyCreator (advice), NameMatchMethodPointcut (pointcut).
  2. using AspectJ create the same intercepter. take a look at < aop:pointcut> and < aop:aspect>

in both cases you need to intercept before method execution. so either use < aop:before> or MethodBeforeAdvice

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