We have a vagrant virtual box and want to let Ansible do some installing work. So far, setting up vagrant and ssh stuff works. Cloning git-repository - works! Other tasks tested... work!

But then we run into an issue when trying to install npm-dependencies. All we got is a cryptic error-message, indication an error code of "rc=-9".

When running "npm install" at the same virtual box via ssh everything works like a breeze. Does anyone know, what could be the problem here? Or give us a hint what error -9 could be? We are literally tapping in the dark here...

Ansible fails and returns:

failed: [] => {"cmd": "/usr/bin/npm install", "failed": true, "rc": -9}

The Ansible-playbook

- hosts: build
  remote_user: vagrant
  sudo: yes
  sudo_user: root

    working_dir: /home/vagrant/build

  - name: remove old working dir
    file: path={{ working_dir }} state=absent

  - name: GIT | checkout webviews repository
    become: yes
    become_user: vagrant
    git: repo=ssh://git@git.mygit.com/hello.git

  - name: NPM | Install gulp
    npm: name=gulp global=yes state=present

  - name: NPM | Install webviews dependencies
    npm: path=/home/vagrant/build

We made some steps, that worked. Instead of using UbuntuLTS on the virtual box, we switched to Archlinux. And that returned now a human readable error-message:

TASK: [NPM | Install webviews dependencies] ***********************************
failed: [] => {"cmd": "/usr/bin/npm install", "failed": true, "rc": -9}
stderr: npm WARN optional dep failed, continuing fsevents@0.3.6

FATAL: all hosts have already failed — aborting

That last error could be resolved by using StackOverflow: npm WARN optional dep failed, continuing fsevents@0.3.6

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