How to add one year to current date in groovy script?

def Format1 = "yyyy-MM-dd"
def today = new Date()
def currentDate = today.format(Format1)

Example : 2015-07-29 to 2016-07-29 and 2015-07-29 to 2015-10-29.


Use TimeCategory.

import groovy.time.TimeCategory

def acceptedFormat = "yyyy-MM-dd"
def today = new Date() + 1
def currentdate = today.format(acceptedFormat)

use(TimeCategory) {
    def oneYear = today + 1.year
    println oneYear

    def ninetyDays = today + 90.days
    println ninetyDays

More information on how this works can be found in the documentation on The Groovy Pimp my Library Pattern. In short, the Integer class is enriched in the use block, providing it with extra methods that make date manipulation very convenient.

Do note that the + (or plus) operator already works with regular integers, but the default is then to add one day. (As such, new Date() + 1 will get you the date in 24 hours)

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    Thanks for this. It's really neat and makes what I want to do easy and quick. – Chris Malan Mar 6 '17 at 6:02

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