In light of Google's decision to force publishers to ask permission to set cookies onto visitors from the EU, I was talking with their support, and somehow I think I got the hint without them saying in so many words that it might be possible to prevent 3rd party scripts from setting cookies and be done with it.

[My alternative is to just not show Adsense in the EU anymore, I'll not do any "ask for permission to set cookies" pop-up]

What I seek to do:

  • prevent cookies being set by google's unmodified javascript. I was hoping to overload something?? FWIW: AFAIK Google uses document.write to create an iframe, so it might be harder.
  • run the ads - and have them working as intended without setting a cookie
  • NOT bother visitors with asking for permission

[I already can geotarget the EU quite accurately, so that's covered]

  • There is a way for google analytics so might be something similar for adsense – GillesC Jul 29 '15 at 20:44
  • Thanks gillesc, but that's the google analytics script honoring a variable to not work at all. FWIW: I plan on trashing analyics and running my own stuff for what I need - I hardly use most of what GA offers anyway, and the little I do use is easy enough to replicate I think. – user3277192 Jul 29 '15 at 20:50

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