I can't get toDataUrl() to work. Here's my code where I'm trying to get an image of the canvas and use it as the source of an existing image element.

var canvas = document.getElementById('glcanvas');
var img = document.getElementById('imageToShowCanvas');
img.src = canvas.toDataURL();

What imageToShowCanvas is showing is a broken url. When I console.log the result of my call to toDataUrl() I get a link showing a transparent image with the height and width of the canvas.

I've heard of cors problems causing issues like this but I'm using chrome with –allow-file-access-from-files flag and there aren't any security errors in the console. Is there an easier way to get a screenshot of my webGl canvas?


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Thank you LJ, I just needed to enable the preserveDrawingBuffer flag when getting the webGl context. Screenshots are now working perfectly!

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    Nice! Also If you're using THREE.js you can add the flag to your render like this: new THREE.WebGLRenderer({preserveDrawingBuffer: true }); Dec 19, 2016 at 13:02

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