I have the following property annotated with @Value. I have a default value defined using the default separator of ':"


Is there a way to escape the ':' in http://myurl.com or do I have to define a different separator value in my configuration.


Update: For spring 4.2 and higher, no single quotes are needed. Spring will see the first colon as special, and use all the rest as a single string value.

For spring 4.2 and higher,


For the previous versions, I believe single quotes will do the trick:

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    For me on Spring 4.2 that resulted in: 'http://myurl.com' (single quotes part of the value). Simply removing the single quotes fixed it. If I would guess, it splits on the first colon and the first part is the variable; the remainder is the value. – Amr Mostafa Feb 3 '16 at 12:02

On Spring version 3.2 the default value works without quotes.

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