Why is this header code not working? If I do not put the header, only the JSON, the table works. But if I am going to set it on the site header to get the JSON, it doesn't work. Is this a working query? Do I have a missing delimiter?

    var myTable=angular.module('myTable',[]);
$http("http://staging.api.sample.com/activity.json", {header: {Authorization: 'NkgjkdleLKSldksLKSd'}}) .success(function(response) {
     $scope.totals = response.paging;


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$http accepts config object only

There are sortcut function such as get, which take first parameter as url and second as config.

You invocation should look like

$http.get("http://staging.api.sample.com/activity.json", {headers: {Authorization: 'NkgjkdleLKSldksLKSd'}})

Also make note it is headers not header.

  • yeah i tried d other shortcut function for 'get' like $http({url: 'staging.api.sample.com/activity.json', method: 'get'}) nothing happens. i dunno why isn't working ,
    – Flizz
    Jul 30, 2015 at 5:22
  • finally it works , yea ,, you're right . it's headers not header , i add 's' and it works , haha , tnx men!
    – Flizz
    Jul 30, 2015 at 6:07

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