I get the following error while performing the following commmand of adding rubygems.orgs as the gem source. I am having Windows XP.

C:\>gem source --add http://rubygems.org
Error fetching http://rubygems.org:
        SocketError: getaddrinfo: no address associated with hostname. (http://r

Please help me out and thanks in advance

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It could be a DNS issue, as shown in this thread.

$ host rubygems.org rubygems.org has address
rubygems.org mail is handled by 10 izmunuti.segment7.net.
rubygems.org mail is handled by 20 ziz.jijo.segment7.net.

I get the same result, i can ping and lookup the URL just fine, I just can't add it to my gem source list :-(

I just accurately tried again, and now I successfully added rubygems as a source. May just have been a network problem.

If not, try a full ruby reinstall as suggested here and check out your remote sources.


If anyone gets this on a linux box the solution I found was to use one of Google's nameservers in my /etc/resolv.conf file.


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