I am extremely new to testing in general, not just React testing, so I'm still trying to figure out not only how to test, but what to test.

Here is my login callback that gets called on submit of a form:

login() {
    let typedUsername = React.findDOMNode(this.refs.username).value;
    if (!typedUsername) {
        return this.setState({
            errored: true
    // we don't actually send the request from here, but set the username on the AuthModel and call the `login` method below
    AuthModel.set('username', typedUsername);

AuthModel is a Backbone.js Model. But for this question, lets just say it's an external module that I'm importing into my Login.jsx component.

I'm writing a test to see that if a username is typed, then AuthModel.login() gets called. Do I want to test that in my test.Login.js test file, do I test that in my test.AuthModel.js test file?

it('calls login when there\'s a username present', () => {
    React.findDOMNode(LoginElement.refs.username).value = 'foo';
    // not sure which direction to take this test

Current test (in test.login.js) for context...

Any advice is appreciated, as like I said, this is genuinely the first testing I've ever done.


Sounds like you want a spy. This will stub out the real implementation of AuthModel and replace it with an object you can make expectations against:

spyOn(AuthModel, 'login');
// trigger login somehow

Or if you also want to test the arguments which are passed:

expect(AuthModel.login).toHaveBeenCalledWith('username', 's3cretpassw0rd);
  • Ace, thank you. I believe I ended up with something similar: gist.github.com/benhowdle89/3e1cfd863e5e920b79ae My issue was reaching the AuthModel from the test, as it was imported into the Login.jsx component. Would you say that my approach looks fairly sound as is? – benhowdle89 Jul 31 '15 at 9:08

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