I'm working on a project that is located in a remote server. Do I able to open it in PyCharm from my local machine ? I couldn't find the way.


The way I access the projects on my raspberry pi using PyCharm is the following (This expects you to be using PyCharm Pro, supporting SSH connections):

  1. Mount the home folder on my local machine ( I use SFTP Drive on windows, under Linux use sshfs).
  2. Open the project from the mounted drive in PyCharm
  3. Go to Settings -> Project -> Project Interpreter and select the gear next to the Project Interpreter drop down. From there pick "Add Remote".
  4. Configure the remote interpreter you want to use.

If the PyCharm project was already created on the server, I guess your run configuration should be in order and running it should work out of the box.

If you created the PyCharm project on your local machine:

  • If you have no run configuration yet, go to the file you want to run and do right-click -> Run yourfilename.py or simply hit Shift-F10
  • The remote interpreter will complain about non existent files. Go to the dropdown in the top right corner, click it and select 'Edit Configurations'
  • Change the script path and working directory to the actual remote directories. Remember, this is what your interpreter sees, and your interpreter is on your remote machine.

Hope this helps!

  • When run a project on this setup, will my server resources (CPU, GPU, memory, etc.) be used? – Celso França Jun 17 '20 at 20:23
  • The last line gives it away: "...and your interpreter is on your remote machine.", so yes, this will run the interpreter on your server, using your server's resources. In fact, I originally used this to work remotely on my machine-learning-rig. – Skusku Jun 18 '20 at 8:18
  • I found that Sync with Deployed to... also works fine (without need for a local mount), when the directory mappings are correctly set for the configured Remote Host. – phi May 31 at 9:36

To update on excellent @Skusku answer given here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/47614111/2119941

After mounting remote folder with SFTP Drive if Pycharm project browser doesn't recognize remote drive just copy-paste it in location bar on top and allow Pycharm to load it:

enter image description here

And when you load your project files to Pycharm you need to add remote interpreter which is present on your server:

enter image description here

In following screens just add host, credentials and than path to python in virtual env or whatever python is running your server project files.


Pycharm needs access to the project's directory.

You can open a remote project if the storage partition for that project directory is shared and mounted/mapped on your local machine with the right permissions by running pycharm on your machine and opening that locally visible project directory.

Note: you should not be opening the project in multiple such pycharm sessions simultaneously as they will collide/conflict with each-other.

Alternatively if you use a version control system (VCS) that supports remote repository access you can create a local copy of the project, work in that copy and push your changes to the remote project as needed (depending on your VCS specifics).

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