This can be a real basic question but what is the difference between <input type = "submit"> and <button onclick="">Example</button>?

It can't be done with function method in Javascript to achieve the same thing that the submit type button will? I always used <button></button> but I'd like to learn the difference.

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The value of a submit input will be the display label.

<input type="submit" name="foo" value="bar"> <!-- Displays [bar] -->

The child nodes of a submit button will be the display label. The value can be different and the label can include elements as well as text.

<button type="submit" name="foo" value="bar">
    <img src="arrow.png" alt=""> Baz
<!-- Displays [→ Baz] -->

There are no differences between them that are JavaScript related. You can't use JavaScript to couple or decouple the display label and submitted value.

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