I'm not exactly sure why this is happening. The site URL is http://tonisblogspot.com/discoverpark/index.html. When the page loads, all is well. However, if I go to the ABOUT page or BLOG page and then return to the HOME page, the page jumps slightly to the right and bounces back into place.

At first I thought it was all the sliders fault, however, I don't recall this happening in the beginning. In fact, it was quite the smooth transition. I've adjusted the container for the slider to be 96% with padding of 0 2% just to force a small margin of space on either side - actually the whole site is like that so it looks good on any device. I've returned it to 100% and it still jumps so I'm thinking this isn't the cause.

But now I have no idea how to figure this jumping issue out. It's irritating and unprofessional. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how I go about ending it?


  • The only thing I see "jumping" is the size of the nav links is changing – hopkins-matt Jul 30 '15 at 17:41
  • Please edit your question to include a minimal reproducible example. Without this, your question is off-topic for Stack Overflow. – user4639281 Jul 30 '15 at 17:43

It appears the reason it might be jumping is because the scroll bar is added for the Home page, thus shifting the view port over. If I set overflow: hidden on the homepage, and then go to the blog URL, I do not see any jumping occurring.

If you notice, you do not experience this issue if you jump from the About page, to the Home page. This is because both have visible scroll bars.

Technically, if you were to vertically shrink the browser while you are on the Blog page, you will see that there is no "shifting" on the page when toggling between any tabs.

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