I have created a global contour for d18O with a specified range and colorbar.

lon = np.arange(-180.0,180.0,1)
lat = np.arange(-90.0,90.0,1)
m1 = Basemap(projection='mill',llcrnrlat=-90,urcrnrlat=90,
x,y = m1(*np.meshgrid(lon, lat))

m1.contourf(x, y, d18o_fal,colors) #d18o_fal is a 360x180 matrix of d18O values.
plt.title(Fall+' Calculated Surface $\delta^{18}$O Seawater')
cbar = plt.colorbar(orientation='horizontal', extend='both')
cbar.ax.set_xlabel('O18/O16 permilli')

I am trying to plot a scatterplot of the arctic with the color intensity equal to the intensity of d18O (Figure a). The points are from long, lat, and d18o.

Much like this: http://imgur.com/uExeiYB (Figure 1A)

Sorry I can't post pictures yet!


I'm not entirely clear on where you get the "intensity of d18O" but basically you need to call scatter() with the c parameter set to a list of intensity (same size as the number of points), and map the color using a cmap.

see the documentation for scatter

and tons of examples on SO: matplotlib colorbar for scatter

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