I have some hard time to access environment variables in a Python script but those environment variables are created by a C shell script. To further elaborate my question, this is what I am doing:


print os.environ.get("abc")



Why can't the C shell script set the environment in the Python script.

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    You can't. An environment variable is set for the current process & all subprocesses. You can't just set the environment of other random processes. You will need to communicate the value as output, or use some other form of IPC such as a socket. – Martin Tournoij Jul 30 '15 at 20:37

Succinctly, there isn't a reasonable way for a child process (the C shell script) to set the environment variable in the parent process (the Python code). Child processes cannot affect the parent like that.

It isn't peculiar to Python or C shell per se; it is a property of parent and child processes on Unix-like systems.

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