I have a string that looks like this:

"["Software","3rd Party"]"

How can I convert this to an object in javascript?

I familiar with converting HTML Entities to DOM Objects:


My situation is a little different than the one above. I don't want to create HTML, I need to create an object.

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    You have an HTML-escaped JSON string? – Dave Newton Jul 30 '15 at 20:50

Use the built-in JSON.parse:

var jstr = $("<div/>").html(encodedStr).text();
var obj = JSON.parse(jstr);

Since you're using jQuery anyway, you can use $.parseJSON() instead of JSON.parse() if you need to support browsers older than IE8. (jQuery simply calls JSON.parse() when it's available.)


You can use "he" library with JSON.parse. "he" can encode and decode HTML code.

var str = he.decode("[&quot;Software&quot;,&quot;3rd Party&quot;]");
var obj = JSON.parse(str);

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