I am trying to run a csh script from python in a separate thread i.e. I don't want to wait for the script to complete.

I am trying to do this:

subprocess.call(['my_script.csh -w switch'])
print 'Job spawned..'

The problem is that the message is being print after the csh script is completed. Is there a way a just spawn the csh job and continue python


You're looking for subprocess.Popen:

from subprocess import Popen
process = Popen(['sleep', '5'])
print 'job spawned'
print 'job complete'

To clear up your terminology, a "thread" is a line of execution within a single program, whereas a "process" is a running program (which may have multiple threads). When you start a program, it's almost always a separate process, which means it's running independently and asynchronously (not on the same thread). The issue here is that subprocess.call is written for the most common use cases, where you probably want to wait for the called process to finish before continuing. subprocess.Popen is a class that gives you a lot more power. It doesn't wait for the process to finish unless you tell it to, using the wait() method.

  • Also, you don't want to start threads and then start processes -- that way lies deadlocks. – Patrick Maupin Jul 30 '15 at 23:02
  • Thanks.... Thats a very clear explanation – user2793078 Jul 31 '15 at 14:17

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