In Ubuntu Server 10.04

Sometimes when i'm installing some packages through apt-get, it prompts me with a blue dialog and asks for input/selection.. E.G: when installing mysql-server, it prompts me for a root password.. How can i accomplish this in my own shell script, so that same blue dialog will show up when i need to ask yes/no and password questions?


Check tutorials for dialog here and here.


You're looking for dialog.


Try the ncurses library.


There are some examples of using ncurses stuff (including dialog, which is what's probably being used in your examples) from bash here:



In a fairly modern bash:

$ read -p 'Password? ' -s; echo "[$REPLY]"

You can use zenity or yad within your shell script. yad (Yet Another Dialog) has been a fork of zenity to remove obsoleted dependencies (libglade and gnome-canvas) at a time when zenity project was frozen. But now both projects continue to evolve (in different directions)...

You can still use ancestors: gdialog, cdialog, xdialog and dialog.

zenity can be used in Python (PyZenity), in Ruby (Zerenity, Zenity.rb) and in many shells: bash, tcsh, dash, zsh... and even in MS-Windows shell!

Zenity basic example:

if zenity --question --text="Please press a button."
   zenity --info     --text="You pressed Yes\!"
   zenity --error    --text="You pressed No\!"

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