I have an infinite loading collectionview – adding new items with: insertItemsAtIndexPaths

But every time I call insertItemsAtIndexPaths the scrolling stops insertItemsAtIndexPaths runs on the mainthread as it has to

Is there any way I can prevent insertItemsAtIndexPaths from stopping the scroll? (I mean the fast scroll)


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so i answer my own question :)

moved the code that triggers the insertItemsAtIndexPath from scrollViewDidScroll to scrollViewDidEndDecelerating - solves the issue :)

Thanks for your question and answer Helmut, this seemed so obscure that I felt like there was another issue at play. I couldn't find any posts apart from this one so I began thinking what else effected scrolling and found that I would call


when I get my new data, which although the refresh control wasn't currently refreshing it would still interrupt the scroll. Simply changing it to the below fixed the issue.

if let refreshing = refreshControl?.refreshing where refreshing {

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