I have setted up riak in two seperate instances and the nodes are up. Also I am able additional nodes in the same machine and do clustering. I am stuck here joining a node on the other instance. Below are steps I have followed.

  • stopped riak
  • changed nodename in riak.conf and assigned private ips of my instances in vm.args and app.config changed node name nodename = riak@ changed listener.http.internal to = changed listener.protobuf.internal to =
  • deleted ring folder
  • started riak
  • tried joining to another node, but failed with response Node riak@ is not reachable!

Hope someoone had this issue!


Make sure connections are permitted between the nodes on port 4369-EPMD, and the distribution port range 6000-7999.

See the docs at http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/ops/building/installing/aws-marketplace/ for more detail

  • THanks Joe. Issue was with the port opening for ec2 instances. – Niyasim Aug 4 '15 at 7:38

Thanks Joe for the pointing out the issue.Erlang use some other ports as well. My security rules look like as in below. enter image description here

Now I am able to form cluster between instance nodes.

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