I am thinking to switch from Eclipse to IntelliJ. But I want first make sure that my favorite tools exists in IntelliJ.

Does IntelliJ has an equivalent to Eclipse's docked Outline window?

Eclipse outline window example


I think you're looking for this:

To view the file structure, do one of the following

  • On the main menu, choose View | Tool Windows | Structure.
  • Pres StructureTool Button
  • Press Alt+7.
  • Press Ctrl+F12.
  • Is that results a DOCKED window? – Daniel Hári Jul 31 '15 at 18:37
  • yes, sure it is – arodriguezdonaire Jul 31 '15 at 18:43
  • It doesnt show the member variables, shows only methods, can someone help how can i see those member variables too – anubhs Jan 8 at 18:11

File structure popup shortcut:

  • Windows: CTRL+F12
  • Mac: +F12

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