I'm using tmux for the first time as a replacement for iterm (mostly because of the split panels function) and it works great. Now, i have a question about the copy-text behaviour.

It's possible to configure tmux, so i can select text with the left button (in copy mode) and it's automatically copied (to the clipboard) when i release the left button? (same as in irc clients)


Tmux’s select behavior will depend on your mouse settings. If mode-mouse is off, Tmux should stay out of the way. But, by default, it may be set to “on”. Then it will use its own “paste buffer”. To bypass that, you can hold down shift while selecting and pasting. (This works on Linuxes, but probably on Mac, too; not sure what OS you’re on.)

  • I think you're missing the point of my question.. I know that about the shift, and that i can also bind other keys to the same action, my point is, that if somehow can i bypass pressing a key for copying and got the 'copy action' binded to releasing the mouse button. So, in plain words, that when i select text (in more-mouse on, obviously) it got automatically copied to the cb. – Ghost Aug 3 '15 at 20:39

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