I'm using a windows os. For working with git we use git bash. I would like to increase the number of output lines that I can see in the history of this terminal. At the moment it is probably by something like 1000 but I would like to increase it to at least 10.000

  • Looks like it uses the normal Windows console. If you right-click the title bar, there should be an option to change the default settings, including the window buffer height. – melpomene Aug 2 '15 at 12:41

If you are using the latest git-for-windows (like PortableGit-2.4.6-5th-release-candidate-64-bit.7z.exe, that you can extract wherever you want), you can call C:\path\to\PortableGit-2.4.6-5th-release-candidate-64-bit\git-bash.exe.

That open a bash Windows session from which you can (with a right-click) select "Options":


You can change the "scrollback lines" there.

If you are using a regular CMD session, see "More lines in command window".

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