Is it possible to create an Iframe using document.createElement("iframe"); and then set a variable in the iframe's window object such as a namespace?

I have tried doing something like this:

var Namespace = {}; 
var iframe = document.createElement("iframe"); 
iframe.src = "page.html"; 
var iwin = iframe.contentWindow || iframe.contentDocument.defaultView; 
iwin.Namespace = Namespace;

But in page.html I try to log Namespace and it throws an undefined error.

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The same-origin policy is probably blocking you from doing this. This can also happen in some browsers if both pages use a file:// uri scheme.

If the iframe and the outer windows will be using the same domain, this problem should go away once your code is on a server. Try serving it from localhost using apache to check, or test it with google chrome with same-origin policy disabled as per this post:

Disable same origin policy in Chrome

On the other hand, if the iframe needs to be at a different domain, or this needs to work with the file:// uri scheme, you'll need to use some kind of workaround.

One way to pass data into an iframe at another domain is via a fragment identifier in the iframe element's src attribute, which will be visible in the iframe window's 'location' object's 'hash' property; for example:

Outer page:

<!doctype html>
  var Namespace = {foo:1, bar:2}; 
  var iframe = document.createElement("iframe"); 
  iframe.src = "frame.html#" + JSON.stringify(Namespace);

Inner page "frame.html":

<!doctype html>
<a href="#" onclick="alert(location.hash.substring(1))">click me</a>
  • My hero; thank you very much. Didn't know same origin applied to file://
    – Louis
    Jul 5, 2010 at 8:18


I'm pretty sure you need to add the node you created to the DOM.


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