I would like to select an element based on a substring of href attribute.

I posted a question recently where I received an answer based on "starts with":

document.querySelector('#utility-menu a[href^="/email_check?lang="').textContent.trim();

But actually, the only constant from page to page will be "lang=" within the href attribute. So /email_check? is page specific so I cannot use this variable on al pages.

Is it possible to modify my selector to return the textContent of any <a> element with the substring "lang=" within it?


All selectors are documented in the W3C Selectors Overview.

The one you need is

#utility-menu a[href*="lang="]

An E element whose foo attribute value contains the substring bar.


Consider the following HTML element:

<div id="utility-menu">
  <a href="/email_check?lang=en-US">Hello, world!</a>

You can obtain the first anchor element that has a href attribute containing 'lang=' and exists as a descendant of an element with an id equivalent to 'utility-menu' using one of the following options:

// Using the [attr*=value] selector (best option)
document.querySelector('#utility-menu a[href*="lang="]')

// Using the find() method (alternative option)
[...document.querySelectorAll('#utility-menu a[href]')].find(e => e.href.includes('lang='))

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