How can I perform automation of MS Word documents (.doc) or ODF documents (.odt) in Qt 4.5? I know using the QAxWidget, QAxObject.

I have data (QString) and few images as well. I have to add them into the document. I googled but I couldn't find any commands for MS- Word/ ODF. But I want the specific commands that should be passed in QAxObject::dynamicCall() function to perform my operations.

For e.g in MS Excel we have to use something like,


which will return the object of the Active workbook of the Excel document.

What are all the commands that are available for the generation of MS-Word or ODF (odt) documents? I am using Windows XP. Any links, examples are welcome..


Take a look at http://doc.trolltech.com/qq/qq27-odfwriter.html, Qt provides functionality to create OpenDocument Format (ODF) files.


The ActiveX commands related to the MS Word can be obtained by the VBAWD10.chm that is being installed along with MS - Word.

The details of the ActiveX help documents available can be obtained here.

The toughest part is to conform those in such a way that it can accessed through the ActiveQt Module.

I provided a similar solution to my question here

Hope it helps for those who are all looking similar solutions..

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