I am currently researching using the TeamCity CI software for our comapanies CI automation needs but have had trouble finding information about using different build scripts with TeamCity. We have C++ projects that need to have build/test automation and we currently have licenses for TeamCity. I have looked into using scons for the build automation but havent been able to find much information about using a python build script with TeamCity. If anyone could provide information about this to a CI beginner would be much appreciated.



We use TeamCity to run our acceptance test suite (which uses Robot Framework - done in python).

Getting it to run was as simple as wrapping the python call with a very simple NAnt script. It does 2 things:

  1. Uses an exec task to run python with the script as an argument.
  2. Gets the xml output from the build and transforms it into something teamcity can understand.

There are probably tasks to run python scripts directly with NAnt but we've not had to use them - it was pretty easy to get up and running. You could do the same sort of thing using Ant or whatever depending on what your platform was.

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