Is there a way to promote a build when using Jenkins Workflow project? Snippet generator does not yet show promote as a generic build step or separate step?

Documentation says "Workflow is intended to supersede in part or in whole (Parameterized Trigger, Copy Artifact, Join, Promoted Builds, Build Pipeline, EnvInject, etc.)"

I want to distinguish good builds from bad builds (e.g. add a gold star based on results of tests). Is it possible to use "Promoted Build plugin" from workflow script? Alternatively is there a equivalent way to achieve similar goal of marking good builds from workflow script?


You cannot use the Promoted Builds plugin with Workflow.

You can use

currentBuild.description = 'Failed!'

There is not currently a plugin allowing you to add badges to Workflow builds, but I think it would be simple to write.


From DZone ref card I understand you could also use

input 'Are you sure?'


input message: 'Are you sure?', ok: 'Deploy', submitter: 'qa-team'

in your script in order to add a manual approval task

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