how can i prevent visual studio 2015 quick actions to suggest me the "remove 'this' qualitfication" to simlify the name? i don't want to disable the quick actions itself, just this hint. i cant find any settings in the options. i've already tried a few settings.

this is the message i'm talking about:

enter image description here

hope you can help, its driving me crazy.


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just found the solution! you have to check the following checkbox: tools -> options -> text editor -> c# -> code style -> qualify member access with 'this'

enter image description here

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    I knew where that option was, but I uncheck it and nothing changes! Nice, Microsoft!
    – Th3B0Y
    May 17, 2016 at 13:38

In addition to cyptus answer, Visual Studio 2017, allows different actions to be taken when using this and other supported keywords.

enter image description here

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