I create a JSoup Document which includes two <script type="application/javascript">/* .. */</script> elements.

The Issue: When I call .html() or .toString() JSoup will escape my JavaScript.

if (foo && bar) 


if (foo &amp;&amp; bar)

Is it possible to configure JSoup to ignore <script> Elements while escaping??

This is (basically) how I create my jsoup document.

final Document doc = Document.createShell("");
final Element head = doc.head();
head.appendElement("meta").attr("charset", "utf-8");
final String myJS = ...;
head.appendElement("script").attr("type", "application/javascript").text(myJS);

My current workaround is to replace a placeholder with String.replace on .html(). But this is kinda hacky.

head.appendElement("script").attr("type", "application/javascript").text("$MYJS$");
String s = doc.html();
s = s.replace("$MYJS$", myJS);

The outerHtmlHead method can no longer be overridden.

This is what I use:

    .appendChild(new DataNode(getJavaScript(),""));
  • I would have expected .text() to work. I feel like this is a bug. .text() shouldn't do html encoding. Apr 12 '18 at 10:51

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