I tried to install python module via pip, but it was not successful. can any one help me to install smtplib python module in ubuntu 12.10 OS?


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smptlib is part of python's standard library, so you do not have to install it.


I will tell you a probable why you might be getting error like Error no module smtplib

I had created program as email.py

Now email is a module in python and because of that it start giving error for smtplib also

then I had to delete email.pyc file created and then rename email.py to mymail.py

After that no error of smtplib

Make sure your file name is not conflicting with the python module. Also see because of that any *.pyc file created inside the folder


you can install smtplib using the command below it helped me to solve the error install using pip

pip install secure-smtplib

For Linux based distro, it is easy to install from source. Just download the source code from here, extract it and open in a terminal. Now sudo python3 setup.py install Installation should be complete in seconds

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