I'm not really on point with Swift yet and there is a problem that is starting to be a tad annoying.

I just want to add integer in a double dimensional array but it is always returning the same error code : "fatal error : Array index out of range"

var arrayVolley = [[Int]]()

    self.arrayVolley = [[]]

Here is where I try to insert :

func addPoints(score : Int, x : Int, y : Int){

    if (score > 11 || score < 0){ //11 will be translated as 10x
        println("Error on score value")
    else {
        if (x>6 || y>6){
            println("Out of array")

And this is my main :

var i=0
var j=0
for i in 0...6 {
    for j in 0...6{
        println("Entrez le score")
        var scoreinput=input()
        var score = scoreinput.toInt()
        distance.addPoints(score!, x: i, y: j)

Thanks a lot for your help in advance

  • Why do you have var i = 0 and var j = 0? I think you can remove those. Also, I think in your init() function it is redundant to set self.arrayVolley = [[]] – Kendel Aug 3 '15 at 21:37

Try to use append to add the integer to the array it is automatically the next idex. It think if the index was never used it gives an error e.g.

var test = [Int]()
test.append(2) // array is empty so 0 is added as index
test.append(5) // 2 is added as max index array is not [2,4,5]
test[0] = 3 // works because the index 0 exist cause the where more then 1 element in array -> [3,4,5]
test[4] = 5 // does not work cause index for never added with append 

or you intialize the array in the correct size, but it's need a size:

var test = [Int](count: 5, repeatedValue: 0) // [0,0,0,0,0]
test[0] = 3 //[3,0,0,0,0]
test[4] = 5 [3,0,0,0,5]

It hope this helps you if not please feel free to comment.

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