If I have:

    <content>something or other</content>
    <content>random stuff</content>

How do I get a list of the element names 'name' and 'content' using T-SQL?

The best I've got so far is:

declare @xml xml
set @xml = ...
select r.value('quotes/name()[1]', 'nvarchar(20)' as ElementName
from @xml.nodes('/quotes') as records(r)

But, of course, I can't get this to work.

  • The current answers here do not take into account Element Names that Repeat in a different Context (have a different XML Path, thus a different meaning). You may want to also check out these answers here that include the Path: stackoverflow.com/questions/2266132/…
    – MikeTeeVee
    Apr 14, 2019 at 10:02

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Actually, sorry, the best I've got is:

select distinct r.value('fn:local-name(.)', 'nvarchar(50)') as t
    @xml.nodes('//quotes/*/*') AS records(r)

Guess I answered my own question...

DECLARE @xml as xml
SET @xml = '<Address><Home>LINE1</Home></Address>'

SELECT Nodes.Name.query('local-name(.)') FROM @xml.nodes('//*') As Nodes(Name)

This will give the list of all elements

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