I installed Apache with WAMP. I want to make my computer as a server for my web page for make some experiment on my web site.But I can`t open my server in Internet. I can see it in http://localhost/mysite/index.html but when I try to reach it in another computer like http://myserverip/mysite/index.html it says server not responding. I am using wireless router and also forwarded to my LAN ip.


A few ideas:

  • check that apache is bound to your PC's internal IP rather than just localhost - run netstat -an and verify that you have local address not
  • check that you're definitely forwarding port 80 from the router to your PC
  • check that you're not firewalling off the traffic, i.e. make sure there's an exception in the windows firewall for port 80 (and 443 if you're using HTTPS), or a program exception for httpd, or even try turning off the firewall temporarily whilst debugging this
  • find out if your ISP is blocking this - some won't let you run web servers from your home connection; you could try a different web port to see if that helps?
  • try connecting from some other machine - there could be some proxy configuration that's upsetting looping back into your PC
  • I have nod32. I closed internet filter and now it says that you have no permissionto access on this server .403 Forbidden. Is it about windows firewall? – Ercan Jul 5 '10 at 17:12
  • I don't know nod32, sorry, but Windows firewall wouldn't generate that: instead it would just refuse the connection. A 403 error is probably being generated by Apache - maybe check the Apache logs to see? – Rup Jul 5 '10 at 17:16

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