I have git and gitosis running smoothly on windows with msysgit (with OpenSSH), and I would now like Hudson to start using git.

So, I have ensured that the hudson windows service is running as the hudson user, and I have added the hudson user through gitosis-admin.

I also have unixutils, and they are in the windows path.

But, Hudson fails at clone the project.

I can clone my project using git bash, when logged in as the hudson user, but not on the windows command line, and I am afraid this is how Hudson git plugin is attempting to do the clone.

When I try to clone from the regular command line, I get prompted for the git user's password.

I tried setting up a config file inside .ssh, but this didn't help.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!

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I get prompted for the git user's password

It should mean it doesn't find your public/private ssh key, most probably because, when Hudson runs a job, it has no %HOME% environment variable.
You should make sure a %HOME% is set under which a git process could find a .ssh directory

  • awesome! I was starting to tear my hear out on this one.
    – Jacko
    Jul 5, 2010 at 23:22

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