I Have a database rndb and created a new table myname_record which is created with owner "postgres" by default. In my program i should have change the owner to "rndb" but i missed it. Now i need to do it in console so i am login with command

psql=>psql -Urndb 

and then changing the owner with following query

rndb=>ALTER TABLE public.myname_record OWNER to rndb;

but it is saying you must be owner to do this changes. I can understood because i am login through rndb it is giving this error. But how to make this changes actually.

  • You can check if both users have same grant? try to run grant postgres to rndb; and check if your flow works without any changes to table ownership. – Swapnil Chincholkar May 10 at 13:41

Select a role with superuser permission and try to change the owner of your table.

ALTER TABLE public.myname_record OWNER TO rndb;

You must connect as the current table owner, not the user you wish to change the table ownership to. Since that's postgres:

psql -U postgres


sudo -u postgres psql

as required.

(Also, a superuser can always change table ownerships from anything to anything).

  • when i am doing the same it is saying:- relation "public.myname_record" does not exist – monu Aug 5 '15 at 6:34

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