I have made an update page which fetches record from a table, shows all the details on html form where user can change/Edit the values and submit. Next page fetches those values using $_POST and Update the table.

$new_id = $_POST['c_id'];
$new_name = $_POST['c_name'];
$table_name = "tcompany";

$sqlStatement = "UPDATE $table_name SET 'name'=$new_name WHERE 'id'= $new_id";
if($result_1 = mysql_query($sqlStatement)) 
    header('Location: edit_company.php');
else {
        echo "". mysql_error();

I am getting error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''name'=HARDWARE Exporters WHERE 'id'= 69' at line 1

I am not considering security issues related to injection. Using this code for personal use.


Don't use apostrophe (') for column names and use it instead to your variables.

$sqlStatement = "UPDATE ".$table_name." SET name='$new_name' WHERE id='$new_id'";

You should also sanitize the values you are binding to your query. Use *_real_escape_string.

$new_id = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST["c_id"]);

And mysql_* API is already deprecated and you should consider using mysqli prepared statement instead.

If you want an example of prepared statement, using the code you have given, you can refer below. No need to sanitize each values before using them to your query.

$con = new mysqli("YourHost","Username","Password","Database"); /* REPLACE NECESSARY DATA */

if($stmt = $con->prepare("UPDATE ? SET name = ? WHERE id = ?")){ /* CHECK IF STATEMENT IS TRUE */
  $stmt->bind_param("ssi",$table_name,$_POST["c_name"],$_POST["c_id"]); /* BIND VALUES TO YOUR QUERY */
  $stmt->execute(); /* EXECUTE THE QUERY */

The problem is that variable $new_name contains spaces. So you should quote the use of variables in the statement, like this:

$sqlStatement = "UPDATE $table_name SET 'name'='$new_name' WHERE 'id'= '$new_id'";

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