I am trying to generalize form fields for a form. I want to have different parsley.js validation requirements. There are 2 non-standard attributes that I want to dynamically append to the input field: required and data-parsley-range. An example of a simple html without thymeleaf would be:

<input type=text required data-parsley-range=[1,100] />

I've tried the following with thymeleaf:

<input class="form-control" fieldType="text" th:attr="required=${field.isRequired ? 'required' : null}" 
th:attr="data-parsley-range=${field.validStringLengthMin ? [${field.validStringLengthMin},${field.validStringLengthMax}] : null}"/>

But I've got an error that th:attr is defined multiple times.

So my question is: How can I define multiple attributes with help of th:attr in a single html element?

My additional question is: How can I conditionally place the attributes? For example I don't want to write required='required' at all if I can avoid it, same applies to the range.


The straight solution is to use a comma , to separate multiple attributes.

<input th:attr="required=${field.isRequired ? 'required' : null}, data-parsley-range=${field.validStringLengthMin ? [${field.validStringLengthMin},${field.validStringLengthMax}] : null}" />

Alternatively, if you want to keep attributes separately for better reading purposes, you can use th:attrappend:

<input th:attr="required=${field.isRequired ? 'required' : null}" 
th:attrappend="data-parsley-range=${field.validStringLengthMin ? [${field.validStringLengthMin},${field.validStringLengthMax}] : null}" />
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  • For conditional attributes, I haven't tried this. But this should work I guess. th:attr="${field.isRequired ? 'required=required' : ''}" th:attrappend="${field.validStringLengthMin ? 'data-parsley-range='[${field.validStringLengthMin},${field.validStringLengthMax}] : ''}" – nmy Aug 6 '15 at 5:04
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    Thanks for the input. I actually found a pretty cool package for thymeleaf data attrs: github.com/mxab/thymeleaf-extras-data-attribute. I cannot get it working the way you described in your comment though. Anytime I place the attribute name within the condition, I get errors. – Joe Essey Aug 6 '15 at 17:17

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