I have a dataframe port and I'm trying to set its index as follows. However, I get the error KeyError: 0 in the line port = port.set_index(l) and don't know why this is. Currently port has an Index of Strings.

port looks like this:

Date            ^GSPC       AAPL         IBM      dell        wmt                                                   
2013-10-29  1771.949951  71.290195  174.302136  13.86000  73.328899
2013-10-28  1762.109985  73.111495  169.736908  13.83000  73.405027

The code:

l = [0]*port.shape[0]
count = 0
for i,j in enumerate(l):
    l[i] = count
    count += 1 
port = port.set_index(l)

Thank You

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set_index sets the DataFrame index (row labels) using one or more existing columns, the keys is the column label or list of column labels / arrays.

I guess you want to set the index of the DataFrame to be l? You can set it by

port = port.set_index([l])

or simply

port.index = l

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