I am working in Xcode 7 beta 3. I want to create a label with a rounded rectangle background. By default, I can create a background with my color of choice but I can't round the corners. I have tried creating an outlet for that label and then in viewDidLoad() I wrote this code label.layer.cornerRadius = 10. I didn't get any errors but it didn't change the label in the simulator. Does anyone know how to do this in Swift 2?


The most simplest approach is to add this attribute to the label you want to have rounded corners.


enter image description here

And also enable Clip Subviews property as well.

enter image description here


You'll also want to clip to bounds of the label:

myLabel.backgroundColor = UIColor.blueColor()
myLabel.layer.cornerRadius = 10.0
myLabel.clipsToBounds = true

A view can optionally limit the drawing of its subviews so that any parts of them outside the view are not shown. This is called clipping and is set with the view’s clipsToBounds property.

So you need to add:

label.clipsToBounds = true 

result (Swift 2.0 Xcode 7 iOS9):

Radius of UILabel

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