I'm currently working on some geolocation javascripts, but am unable to test and debug them properly: My desktop machine (Running Windows, with Chrome 5 or Firefox 3) doesn't have location information and my mobile devices don't feature any debugging capabilities.

How can I test geolocation scripts? Is there a tool which will fake a GPS sensor?

  • I found two Firefox add-ons (Geolocater and Geolocation) so far, but the two don't seem to be working. There are no Chrome extensions currently aviable. – Christian Studer Jul 6 '10 at 8:59

In Firefox, it's possible to switch the default Geolocation provider (Google) to a manually entered source.

Fake your geolocation in Firefox 3.5

All you need for faking is a text file (eg. /home/username/.mynewlocation.txt) somewhere on your computer with the following content: {"location":{"latitude":50.941863,"longitude":6.958374, "accuracy":20.0}}

The path in Firefox to this file is: file://home/username/.mynewlocation.txt

Type about:config in your location bar, confirm the warning, search for geo.wifi.url, and replace the old url (https://www.google.com/loc/json) with your new one from above. Restart firefox, enjoy your new location :-)

And there's a similar SO question with a number of good answers as well.


In chrome, you can now use the manual geolocation chrome extension to set your location manually.


Chrome now (tested in version 25) supports Geolocation spoofing via Developer Tools


the geo-location-javascript library contains a component for simulating locations, you simply add them with:

locations=new Array();
locations.push({ coords:{latitude:41.39985,longitude:2.19610},duration:5000 });
locations.push({ coords:{latitude:41.40,longitude:2.197},duration:5000 });

and the you initialize the component. look under simulation on the homepage


If the location you want to test is based on geolocation API in HTML5, you can fake the location by this extension.

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